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Spring is here and you can really feel the energy here at MOD Media! This week we are celebrating another industry partner of ours, the Wisconsin Technology Council. We have had the honor of sponsoring a number of their amazing conferences, including their most recent Tech Summit at the legendary Lambeau Field! Madison is one of the greatest hubs for emerging and established tech companies; blessed with a plethora of creative businesses, entrepreneurs, and a dynamic landscape that everyone can enjoy. That's why Wisconsin Technolgoy Council is so excited to host, for the first time ever, the Technology Councils of North America (TECNA) Conference this July 23 - 25 2019! Check out some of the photography we produced from last month's conference, and the video explaining more about what the conference is about and how you can get involved!

If there's one thing about this time of year that you can be sure of, it's celebrating new relationships and rejuvenating the seasoned has never felt better!


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