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Stoughton Trailers, founded in 1961, is the 4th largest trailer manufacturer in North America.  With a mission to provide quality trailers made by a quality team, Stoughton Trailers came to MOD with the need to show the market who they are, what they do for their community, and most importantly what their employees mean to them.  After successfully executing marketing campaigns "Built By the Best" and "Stoughton Pride", MOD was able to tell those stories through stunning imagery and brand messaging.  Editorial content marketing has made their recruitment efforts and diversification a reality. 

In addition, MOD has produced creative and quality portraiture, events, and e-commerce tools that now make Stoughton Trailers the largest employer in the City of Stoughton, Brodhead and Evansville, totalling over 1,700 employees, with sales over $400M annually. 

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Editorial Content Marketing

Full Corporate Imagery'

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Professional Portraiture

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