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This Week in MOD | Volume 1 | Issue 2

We had the pleasure over the last few months to meet, learn, grow and partner with an amazing, ground breaking company here in Madison, Wisconsin called CODAWorx. CODAWorx connects all members of the industry, matching creative talent with creative opportunities, and providing digital tools that streamline the commission workflow process. Honestly, just check out their manifesto, it's totally inspiring, and totally MOD! "The CODAworx Manifesto: Commissioned art matters. Attention to the details of our environment leads to love of place, which brings us to take responsibility for the spaces where we live and work. And by extension, responsibility for the people with whom we live and work. And by extension, to our local communities, our cities, our nations, and our world.

We champion the role of artists in our society. We need artists to provide us with inspiration, creativity, and imagination, and to help us envision a better world.

Architects and designers know that remarkable design can change everything. They connect the dots across disciplines, collaborating with artists to make the world a more beautiful place.

In the process, design professionals promote imagination and creativity, and through their commissions, make original art integral to and accessible in people's lives.

Art in our public and private spaces helps us fight ordinary buildings, ordinary streets, ordinary cities.

We celebrate the extraordinary. Great design + art can transform spaces and affect our happiness and well-being. Each of us deserves a daily dose of inspiration."

Last year, they held the inaugural CodaWorx Summit: the Intersection of Art and Design. M.O.D. Media was happy to help CEO and Founder, Toni Sikes, put together this small piece to encourage individuals to attend this year's summit in El Paso, Texas. Please watch this short film to learn more!


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